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Ludobit is a startup game studio based in London. Our mantra is 'Have fun, make fun'.

We are proud to be a British company and think that Britain has the potential to be a giant in the games industry with the proper government backing. Ludobit is a proud supporter of the 'Made in Creative UK' scheme.

For the moment we are a very small team and we work from home. In an ideal world, someday we would like to be able to afford an office and full time employees. It is our dream to one day set up an 'Incubator scheme' to help design, production, art and programming graduates bridge the gap between university and working in the games industry.

It is worth mentioning that right now we are not hiring, but if you would like to drop us your details for future reference, please take a look at our contact page.

A Custom Vehical Created in Wreck Em Racing


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